How can I become a Mystery Shopper?

It is very easy and you don’t need prior experience as a Mystry Shopper! On our home page, just click the “Be a Mystery Shopper” button and fill in all the required information.

When will I be called to a Shopper Experience project?

After you register, we will check your profile and see if it fits our client’s needs. If it does, we will immediately contact you by phone or email. If it doesn’t, don’t worry! We have new opportunities coming up all year long.

What happens when I get recruited for a Shopper Experience project?

You will be trained to evaluate all aspects of your experience, getting all the educational material and support you need from our team to solve your doubts.

When and how much will I get paid to be a Mystery Shopper?

It depends on how complex the project and the setting proposed are. In addition to your payment, you may get reimbursed for your visit expenses. You should get a deposit in 30 to 40 business days.

How do I get paid for the service I provide?

We will pay you through bank deposit in your transaction or savings account, in a convenient, safe way.

Is working as a Mystery Shopper a continued employment?

No, this is not a continued employment. The Mystery Shopping work is a freelance job, and it is very flexible; you can do it according to your availability.

Is my personal information safe on the web site?

Don’t worry! Your registration information, polls, and any other data are safe in our ISO 9001:2008 certified system.

What kind of experience will I be evaluating when I get recruited for a project?

Since 1989, Shopper Experience serves clients in many different industries, such as hotels, shopping malls, department stores, car parking companies, jewelries, car dealerships, and more! Just remember, you will be called for projects that fit your profile and location.

What am I supposed to do after an evaluation as a Mystery Shopper?

You will answer an online poll available at our Web Portal or app*, which you will be informed about prior to the scheduled visit date through a checklist and training sent by our team. * ShopperMobile app available for Android at Google Play store.

What is expected of me by Shopper Experience?

First of all, we expect you have a good experience as a Mystery Shopper, so you can successfully convey all your perceptions during and after each evaluation. We also expect you to do your best and understand how important the mission you get is, so we can achieve more and more customer service improvements and quality, as well as continue to work together.