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Who we Are

Shopper Experience® serves a large number of clients and it’s proud to offer its services to the market’s biggest players of various industries such as financial, retail, food, tourism and hospitality, and automotive, among others.

Counting on a solid professional history, Shopper Experience® makes sure to offer a professional who truly understands your business to take care of your company.

Stella Kochen Susskind – Founder and President

Stella holds a degree in Business Administration from PUC-SP, is post graduated from the Franchising University in the USA and has more than 20 years of experience in Marketing and Market Research added to her account. In the 1980’s, she was responsible for introducing the concept of Mystery Shopping in Brazil when she founded Buy&Test. For the last five years, she has been the Director of Customer Relationship in the area of Customer Satisfaction at TNS InterScience.

foto03Maria Cecília Prestes Perez Cicchetto – Gerente de Atendimento 

Member of the MSPA Latin America board alongside Stella Susskind, Cissa Perez is specialized in Customer Service Evaluation and for the past five years has been working actively in the Research Area. After working as Business Development Manager at Bare International, Cissa has joined Shopper Experience® to share her experience with several and different - both domestic and international - industry segments. She holds a degree in Tourism from PUC-Campinas and is post graduated in Business Administration from EAESP-FGV.

foto03Marcos Queiroz Lobo Pimentel – Gerente de Atendimento 

Graduado em propaganda e marketing pelo Mackenzie e com cursos especializados da FIA/USP e FGV, Marcos construiu sua carreira em grandes institutos de pesquisa e como profissional freelancer. Seu currículo contempla mais de 12 anos dedicados à pesquisa de mercado, tendo começado na LatinPanel (atual Kantar Worldpanel), onde ficou por quase 7 anos antes de se transferir para a Nielsen, para a qual se dedicou por 4 anos e meio. Após este período, Marcos se lançou ao empreendedorismo e participou de importantes projetos como profissional freelancer, tendo como parceiros outros grandes institutos como Ipsos, TNS, GfK, Qualibest. Agora, Marcos traz sua bagagem comercial e analítica para a Shopper Experience.


Maria Aparecida Bravo – Project Coordinator

With a degree in Psychology and with a 20-years experience linked to qualitative research practice, Maria Aparecida controls the screening, training and review for Client Service Evaluation. She has worked with Stella Susskind since the founding of Buy & Test and is known as one of the greatest experts in Secret Shopper® Solution.


Based on the team described below, Shopper Experience® coordinates every project, selecting and orienting professionals whenever made necessary, in order to reach success in each study.